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Outcry: Time Lapse Video #4

Here is the final video that I submitted for my ASC Regional Artist Project Grant.  As you can see from my first video post I have come a long way.  Clearly I am not a photographer… BUT I learned about better camera settings for time lapse photography. I learned a lot about using editing software to compose the videos and to edit the material.  I learned that editing poorly shot material takes way more time than setting up correctly in the first place and never yields the results that a better shoot would have.

Throughout the project one of the biggest struggles I faced was learning how to deal with the changing lighting conditions over the course of a shoot. There were over 2400 stills for “Outcry”  and they were among the most uncontrolled of any of the projects. I spent hours WEEKS making the corrections. I’m pretty pleased with the result though.

I had a great time on this project and I am thankful for the opportunity from ASC. Over the New Year I made some changes in my studio which I think will help a lot, because I fully intend to continue experimenting with video. I have another shoot in queue to begin work on, and I am hoping to branch into animation this year as well.

In the meanwhile, here is the latest-hope you enjoy! If you like it, please share!

Grant Project–My first video!

This year, I am proud to say that I am a Regional Artist Project Grant recipient, courtesy of the Arts & Science Council of Mecklenburg County and NC Arts Council. I wrote the proposal in September 2013 and was approved. So what does this mean?

Applicants to this grant write a proposal asking for funding-usually for equipment or travel/study costs-and make a specific statement about what they will do with the funds and how their growth as artists will be impacted. My proposal was “To purchase an entry level DLSR camera and intervalometer to produce time lapse videos documenting the creation of large scale drawings.” For a couple of years I have been experimenting with photographing and posting work-in-progress pictures. These pictures have been met with interest and support from those who have seen them. (Thanks!)

For a while I have been intrigued with the idea of taking this process to the next level. About ten years ago a friend told me, “You are obsessed with accounting for your time.”  Given the premise of this entire blog, I guess she was right!

So the “anticipated outcome”  of my project is to produce 3-5 of these videos.  I had a great week in the studio creating a trial video. I still have a pretty steep learning curve: finding the best camera settings and position, getting the math right(I took way too few frames for the first half of the project), learning not to kick the tripod out of place midway through the process, and I have a long way to go in learning the production phase. In this particular video, I would like to figure out how to begin and end the video with a longer pause on those frames, and maybe add some text and audio.
That being said, I couldn’t wait to post it! So here it is, in all its amateurish glory. Hope you enjoy it.