I’m Behind..

working-momI’m Behind.

Snow Days. Corporate Taxes. Birthday Parties. Sick pets. Dirty Laundry. Just a few of the reasons that I  am  behind-probably some of the same reasons you are behind too. Gone are the days of the Royal Artist supported by patrons while the rest of us toiled in the fields. That’s a good thing. On the other hand, as individuals in modern culture we are now required to be knowledgeable about-and preferably excel at-any number of disciplines.  Parenting. Working. Finances. Technology. Making your own homemade  organic cookies with hidden veggies that you grew yourself. Oh yeah, and Art. Now  we make art while toiling in the field (figuratively, at least).

So, I’m behind.  According to my calculations, I should be at the 350 hour mark for studio work, and 175 for marketing. I’m actually at 173 for marketing, thanks to some long hours spiffy-ing up my website. But my studio hours are at 294. For those of you who like quantifying data as much as I do, that’s 84%.  When I looked up 84%, I was surprised to find that it is equal to a  B. It feels more like a B- or C to me. Not acceptable! But I think I can still catch up. With a 56 hour deficit and 18 weeks left in the year, I can do it with 3 extra hours a week. I’m going to aim for 5 because I know the holidays are going to knock some weeks out of the running.

Unfortunately, until someone starts making money from your work, the world for the most part doesn’t care if you make art today or not. (Cynical, yes, but I think true.) So you have to hold yourself accountable if art is what you want to be doing. That’s what this blog is all about.    It’s not too late to revisit your own goals-go do it!