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Outcry: Time Lapse Video #4

Here is the final video that I submitted for my ASC Regional Artist Project Grant.  As you can see from my first video post I have come a long way.  Clearly I am not a photographer… BUT I learned about better camera settings for time lapse photography. I learned a lot about using editing software to compose the videos and to edit the material.  I learned that editing poorly shot material takes way more time than setting up correctly in the first place and never yields the results that a better shoot would have.

Throughout the project one of the biggest struggles I faced was learning how to deal with the changing lighting conditions over the course of a shoot. There were over 2400 stills for “Outcry”  and they were among the most uncontrolled of any of the projects. I spent hours WEEKS making the corrections. I’m pretty pleased with the result though.

I had a great time on this project and I am thankful for the opportunity from ASC. Over the New Year I made some changes in my studio which I think will help a lot, because I fully intend to continue experimenting with video. I have another shoot in queue to begin work on, and I am hoping to branch into animation this year as well.

In the meanwhile, here is the latest-hope you enjoy! If you like it, please share!