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Why I draw what I draw

This week I had to write a couple of artist’s statements for an application. Turns out I think this one actually sums it up pretty well.

This drawing is one of several torn flag drawings which are part of a larger body of work titled “American Dream.” The events of the past decade, particularly the economic crisis, have caused me to deeply question the concept of the American Dream, at least as I understood it as a child of the 1970s. During the depths of the recession I became intensely sad and angry at the feeling that the American Dream has been stolen from my generation and those to follow. The ensuing political opportunism and deliberately induced discord have led to increasingly extreme results with no end currently in sight. These flags represent the battered state of the American Dream as well as our state of being torn apart from one another by the current political climate.

Election Week Drawing # 8- Esse Quam Videri

The North Carolina state motto, “Esse Quam Videri,” is usually translated as “To be rather than to seem.” However the original source is actually translated as follows:”Fewer possess virtue, than those who wish us to believe that they possess it. ”